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Valerie Lortie

Valérie Lortie grew up in the countryside in the small town of Grondines. Very young, she discovered her interest in the arts and painting became her favorite medium. She studied plastic arts at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy and did a stint in graphic communication at Laval University. Since then, she devotes her time to her passion, painting.

Hypersensitive since always, it is thanks to the arts and the time spent outdoors that she finds balance. Valérie is an undeniable admirer of nature and she is particularly fond of trees. It is through her works that she pays homage to them: by composing her paintings in such a way as to invent worlds that reflect the beauty of nature and the magic of feelings.

Always motivated to interpret this other, somewhat spiritual dimension to the landscape, she lets herself be guided by her emotions and is inspired by themes such as happiness, gratitude, hope, dreams and love. His approach, both introspective and universal, is imbued with optimism and illustrates his fundamental values. In an era that is advancing at full speed, the artist paints his perception of the present moment, of relationships that last over time and of the simple pleasures of life. With this brushstroke of her own, one can easily recognize the authenticity of her works, both symbolic and surreal, with naive and whimsical influences.

Her career as a painter officially began in 2003. Since then, she has participated in numerous exhibitions, art galleries have opened their doors to her and now her paintings can be found in several private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.

She now lives in Sainte-Eulalie (in the province of Quebec in Canada). Valérie Lortie is a free artist who holds the reins of both designer and agent. In this way, people get a direct link without intermediaries. A path that leads to the soul of each work...

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